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Talent & Performance Management

HR Alliance Solutions will identify effective talent and performance management strategies that meet the business’ goals while providing a systematic approach to attract, develop, evaluate, and retain talented employees.

Leadership development and succession planning are key performance solutions for organizational and employee growth and HR Alliance Solutions will partner with the organization to increase employee engagement while providing leadership growth.

Succession planning is a strategic process that involves identifying and developing potential future leaders within an organization to ensure a smooth transition of key roles and responsibilities when current leaders retire, leave the organization, or are promoted to higher positions. It aims to minimize disruptions and maintain organizational continuity by ensuring a pool of qualified individuals is prepared to assume critical positions.

HR Alliance Solutions will assist in identifying key components of the job and behavioral indicators to indicate key performance measures for each position. This process can provide information during the entire employee life cycle.

Talent gap analysis is when the organization reviews the job description with the employee and identifies areas of opportunities especially in the knowledge, skills, abilities, and competences.

HR Alliance Solutions will assist in devising a Performance Management System that meet the needs of the clients. During this process, we collaborate with the management team to improve the performance management system including SMART goals. We know “one size doesn’t fit all”, so we will tailor the system based upon the organization’s goals and objectives. We will assist in identifying key performance indicators for the organization that will align with the performance management process.

HR Alliance Solutions will help you identify high potential employees for future leadership positions within the organization. This will ensure a “pipeline” of talent ready to be placed into critical roles within the organization when attrition, retirement or employee’s moving on occurs.

Training topics may include the following:
We will tailor your training based upon your needs.

  • EEOC Training For Supervisors
  • StrengthFinder- Gallup
  • Coaching and Counseling
  • Understanding FMLA, Workers’ Compensation, and General Leave
  • Recruiting For Supervisors
  • Peer to Boss
  • Difficult Conversations
  • Protective and Concerted Activity (NLRB)
  • Conflict Resolutions