what we do

Recourse Communications, Inc.

HR Alliance Solutions will assist the organization in hiring and recruitment and provide non-discriminatory practices, including proper job postings, screening processes, interviews, background checks, and employment eligibility verification.

HR Alliance Solutions will partner with the organization to provide an effective onboarding process to help the new employee adapt to their new role, understand the expectations and values of the organization, and become productive and engaged, as soon as possible.

HR Alliance Solutions is excited to announce partnering with Recourse Communication Group, a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) that find active and passive candidates within 24-48 hours. In working together, we will recruit, select and hire exceptional talent for your organization in a timely manner. RCI, https://rciars.com/, will find the candidates for you so you can work on business solutions.   Let us meet your recruiting needs.

The foundation of effective HR strategies starts with a job description that communicates the roles and responsibilities, expectations, and the knowledge, skills and abilities of the position. HR Alliance Solutions will assist the organization to ensure an effective job description that will increase human capital.

Training the hiring team is important step in the process for both legally and selecting the right candidate. We can provide behavioral based questions that indicates the client’s behavior on certain workplace situations. We understand selection should be based upon facts and company culture.

From the first day of work until the employee meets their Introductory Period, HR Alliance Solutions will assist the organization to streamline the process and ensure the employee understands the culture, and expectations. We’ll help the employee and organization to “start on the right foot.”

HR Documentation is a key component of effective HR compliance and we want the organization to be efficient and effective in this process.

HR Alliance Solutions will partner with the client’s initiatives to enhance employee engagement such as recognition programs, and stay and exit interviews. When employees are engaged, employees will be more likely to be positive and productive.

We will partner with the client to assist in employee communication for open and transparent communication with the employees. This may include listening sessions that will provide opportunities for the organization.